Dirty Work

During our first year we did a bunch of clean up.  Twenty-year old manure got dug and swept out of the barns. We ripped out interior walls of one barn and ultimately got to ripping off the exterior of the south side as we prepared for it to be a greenhouse. It was messy work. Somewhere in the process we decided to make one end of the barn (150 feet long, 40 feet wide) into living space. Originally we had planned to build a house away from the street. But the existing water supply and electricity in the barn made this an expedient option.  A contractor helped us do some of the work on the “house” due to skill and time restraints. At that point we were still living 6 hours away from the farm and were both working full time. Only so much can be fit into a weekend.  In the spring, we hired an Amish team to topple our silo (with sledge hammers!). It was at risk of falling at some point and would cast a big shadow on our greenhouse. The demolition attracted an audience and turned out to be a rather dramatic event.

Cleaning out the barn with friends
Silo Ready to Come Down
Silo Comes Down
Bricks and Bricks and More Bricks


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