Do-Over Farm

We learned and made mistakes and learned some more. We joke that our farm should be called Do-over Farm. We battled pests, drought, too much rain, too little sun, unexpected freezes and began to figure out how to maximize our resources to build consistency. Of course there are always surprises. Mother Nature just is that way and this year she brought us a potato blight and a tomato “bother.” Although blight-like (the plants got very grumpy looking) we didn’t lose many tomatoes and although they didn’t make it until frost this year, like other years. Unlike potatoes and tomatoes, salad greens have a short seed-to-table cycle, so we grow many, many rounds of greens each year – learning with every round. We anticipate being able to serve up 120 pounds per week next season. Producing one type of product consistently each week is not conducive to something like a CSA or even some farmer’s markets. Variety is important in those scenarios. However it is good for restaurant sales. And that is where we have built the business. We have no intention of giving up the farmers’ market. The opportunity to hear directly from the people eating our food, as well as being able to participate as members of our local food shed is important to us.

More Greens

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