One Year Later

By the time our first anniversary rolled around (October 2006) Ed was putting up the twinwall plastic to ready the greenhouse for growing. Cow stalls were being converted into growing beds and Ed decided to make the big move and go live full time on the farm in December. We had gently explored the idea of growing food to take to a farmer’s market and now decided to give it a go in the spring of 2007.  We chose a small friendly market and it turned out to be an amazing experience.  Through direct contact with the people eating our food we learned so much. We not only learned what people were interested in buying and when but also what didn’t work. Customers shared recipes and processing ideas and we also learned a great deal from our fellow farmers. This enabled us to tweak our product line and reinforced our plan to focus mostly on salad greens and stretch availability to start earlier in than the market season and extend into the winter. The first season we sold about 8 to 12 pounds of greens a week as well as a variety of seasonal items such as tomatoes and radicchio.

Ed Building
Ed putting on the Greenhouse Roof
cow stalls
Cow stalls ready to be growing beds
Growing beds ready for dirt
Tomatoes and Greens

One thought on “One Year Later

  1. onestraw January 6, 2010 / 2:15 am

    Elegant use of an existing structure. Well done!

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