Insulation: More Than Just Fluff

When we insulated the barn house that we live in now we carefully stuffed, and in some cases jammed insulation in every nook and cranny. Here’s a photo of Kiera and Zoie helping with the process.

Kiera and Zoie
Kiera and Zoie

At the time, we didn’t have our advising board. Our advising board consists of our neighbors who all know, at this point, that we’re willing and able yet a bit clueless, so now they offer advice at every stage. Most of the time we’re soliciting advice at every turn, but happily even when we don’t ask they give recommendations.

This was the case with insulation. When the topic came up, we heard over and over that it is vital to vent your roof. Apparently if you don’t, moisture will build up in your ceiling. Aside from all the obvious problems that moisture in your ceiling can cause, it also causes the insulation to compress and your R-rating is reduced. Who knew?

So we’re using these little pink spacers in between the rafter to provide venting. And then we’ll insulate. I would like to say that whenever we can we are choosing natural products and salvaged or local material. Friends of ours admirably insulated their roof with lamb’s wool (I even helped card it). These pink things don’t really fall in that category. In this instance we figure that we should just follow the advice to the letter. To do differently would require a deeper understanding of how it all works and we have limited time to apply to this learning curve when we are on so many others already. I admit to occasionally buying a coffee in a disposable cup too.  But, in general, we keep trying to lighten our load on this planet.

Rafter Mate
Rafter Mate

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