Mountains in spring time

Blushing with quiet promise

Like girls at a dance

This week we will try to install our first window. These salvaged windows ($75 for 15 windows, bought at an auction) were the inspiration for starting our house. We had planned to build a house on the hill for a while, but nothing concrete (yes, I am being a little punny) had been planned. After we bought the windows, we started drawing real plans and meeting with contractors to see how we could make this happen. It’s been a little scary, wondering if the windows will actually fit and work after all this building. We know for sure that one frame is crooked but it seems fixable. And thankfully, a friend who has done more things like this is coming over to help. So we look towards Thursday with hopeful anticipation that the windows will be able to be installed well. Our little bunker of a house promises to be super energy efficient if we get things like windows and insulation in the above-ground parts right.

And then, all around us spring is finally here. The swallows have started to return. Our hours of hard work planting hundreds of edible perennials last year is showing evidence in budding fruit and nut trees along with herbs and several types of wild onions (wild, but planted by us) poking their heads out of the earth. We take incredulous walks each weekend to view the progress. I’m delighted by a new-found friend, lovage. Asparagus and rhubarb are getting busy and we’ve already enjoyed some rocking horseradish. I mourned the inability to harvest it from frozen ground over the winter. Next year we will plan better so that we have some of it available in the cold months. The brave daffodils, tulips and forsythia that I planted last year are performing as designed. These are mental health plantings whose early display convinces me that we can have confidence in the warm days to come.

This year, in anticipation of next spring and years to come, we have already planted hundreds of plants. 1,000 ramps, 45 walnut trees, 50 alder trees, 45 high bush cranberries, bunches of currents and gooseberries and perennials such as sage, lovage, winter savory and lavender. Some unseasonably warm days much of this possible so early.

Think forward!