Like a Duck Takes to Water

Well … what if a duck doesn’t take to water? Our Khaki Campbell ducks that we raised from just a day or two old didn’t seem to like the water at all at first. I suppose that is quite understandable because they were initially raised inside a protective barn and they had no mamma duck to teach them. And I suppose the wide open (it really is a very small pond) water was a very scary place. Once they were introduced to the pond it took them weeks and weeks and weeks to discover the joy of water. Even when we would put a duck in the water it would scurry right out of it.

Then they discovered duck weed! It covered the pond for a while and even a few wild ducks came to explore and feed on it. Finally our ducks realized that they had something really yummy right at the tip of their beaks! All they had to do was take the plunge! And they did.  And now you can hear them laughing and splashing around in the water all day. Here is a video which isn’t all that exciting, but it is proof that our ducks have finally taken to water.

Which just goes to show you that sometimes you do have to take a plunge of faith sometimes. I doubt that ducky expression applies to me and my tarpaper skills (or my comfort-level on scaffolding) and a few weeks ago I was wondering if we’ll ever get an outside finish on our house. But what do you know! We are more than halfway done “wrapping” our house in preparation for stuccoing and other finishes.  And as of today we’ll have all the windows in and last week the floor was poured, so we are set for winter!


3 thoughts on “Like a Duck Takes to Water

  1. Guy McPherson October 22, 2010 / 12:11 am

    We have khaki campbells, too. It took them more than a year to find the large irrigation ditch running 20 feet from our property. Geniuses they ain’t. But they are good layers, and now we barely need to feed them — they obtain nearly all their food from the irrigation ditch.

    • jenpm October 24, 2010 / 4:54 pm

      Ha! Glad to hear that. I thought it was just us!

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