Full House

OK, perhaps we are ready for winter. It’s a good thing because it is closing in on December fast. We’ve got our wood. Ed got a lot from the woods and we also got some delivered. And we’ve got our salad greens lined up in the greenhouse. Plenty to do to get beds ready for spring, and plenty to do to work on the house, but if we miss those windows of opportunity we will be fine. Now we are perched to enjoy a rich winter enjoying slow-growing bounty and a full reading list and I’m beginning a course that will credential me as a nutrition coach.

In the greenhouse
Baby lettuce
Babies growing slowly
Firewood Delivered

Full house is lucky? Yes, I think so!

Things grow slowly in the winter sun and perhaps that is this week’s lesson. Enjoy the slow.



dandelionA hard frost came through the other night (Nov. 1) and finished off anything that was still blooming. At least I thought that was true until I saw a dandelion poking its sunny head out from behind a rock in the driveway. Then I saw another one … and another!

Dandelions are, if nothing else, persistent, but here are a few other life lessons they may offer us…

Be Opportunistic

Cold winds may be blowing under our collars. Gray clouds may be painting our skies. Muddy obstacles may be crowding our path. But if there is a chance to bloom, take it!

Develop Strong Roots

Even the tiniest piece of dandelion root will grow into a sturdy plant. It’s hard to keep a dandy down. That’s because their roots are strong. Rooted by strong support systems (family, community, friends) it is hard to keep us down too.

”Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Beautiful”

Dandelions are so good for you. Although rich in cleansing minerals and vitamins they refuse to exist in a meek form like spinach. They brightly flaunt their golden garb and strut their stuff throughout the fields. You go girls!

Let Your Children Fly

Dandelions give their children wings to fly away and explore the world. Not a bad idea!