Scaredy Ducks No More!

Our timid ducks have found their groove! Once the first snow melted they busted out in style … literally. They pop over their fence daily and wander all over the back fields laughing at us all the way!


Just About 2 Gallons of Sweet Stuff on the Shelf

We finished off our maple sugaring just in time for me to head off to see how spring was progressing on the west coast. (And see my daughter!) On the west coast (Portland OR) things were blooming beautifully! Here, we’re still waiting amidst new snowfall.

But the fact that we put away the sugarin’ supplies means that the maple trees will soon be budding out. We put up about 2 gallons worth which means we carried about 80-90 gallons down the hill. When you do the math it sounds like an outlandish effort for a bit of syrup, but as Ed points out, that’s enough to have pancakes every week for a year and also give some away!

The ramps and garlic and daffodils have all bravely made an appearance so soon things will be blooming here too.