Herb Robert, Henbane, Jacobs Ladder

One of the goals of 2011 was to establish a large medicinal garden. The huge area was tilled. The baby plants were seeded and nurtured on special warm growing mats. They were re-potted into larger pots. They were carted inside and outside and inside again. And we waited. And waited. The long rainy and cold spring seemed endless and the medicinal garden filled with weeds. And then corn (more on that later). And then squash and potatoes and then a few more spaces were carved out for parsley. But many of the baby medicinals didn’t make it into the garden. Blame it on the weather and way too many other things that had to be done too. The good news is that a few did get planted including Jacobs Ladder. Henbane didn’t and I’m rather glad about that. Herb Robert is beautiful and almost made it. Maybe we’ll try that again.

But the really good news is that since the corn got planted in that garden, which was for the most part  fenced in, and it thrived where it could be safe from critters.


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