When Life Hands You Lemons…

You use every bit of them! These home grown Meyer Lemons are pesticide-free so as we use them I’m zesting the skin to use later. We’ve had a good “crop” this year (of about 7 or 8) and now the living room is filled with the scent of dozens of new blossoms.meyer lemon


Hill House

With the (late) arrival of actual winter we finally turned our attention back to the hill house. Almost all the walls are up inside. And we started some stone work outside just before it got too cold. The sheepherders stove works wonderfully and heats the home quickly. This week we finally ordered a small 12 volt fridge (Sundanzer DCR10) which means we can finish the kitchen cabinetry and look for a sink that’s the right size. So … progress. But, sadly, we had to cry uncle on the windows. The windows were our first purchase. $75 for 15 windows and we designed the house around them. However, they have become our Achilles heel. The rest of the house is super energy efficient, but these windows leak not only cold air but sometimes rain, as well. Next Monday we buy replacements and start ripping out drywall to put them in. Life is always an experiment at “Do-Over Farm.”stonework started


hill house Oct 2012living room1-16