Now What?

As the structure of the house begins to get finalized, we turn our attention to water and electricity. I realize some folks might have put that earlier in the game but we have a lot to learn. For one, I keep getting confused about the math involved with wattage. Thankfully, Ed leads that charge (yes, I’m being punny). The well is in and attached to it is a solar pump. The only thing left is to mount the panel and connect things up. Well, all the inside apparatus too.

brad and ed
Brad and Ed in the tranches (Thanks Brad!)

The main solar panels are ready to go up too. Meanwhile, Ed is working on the best way to connect it up.

All this said, we are getting closer to realizing life with less access to power. So daily I wonder how we will comfortably do this or that … because comfort is still important. For example, how will we prepare and early morning cup of coffee or tea in the summer? Winter is easy since the wood stove will be hot. Or what will be the best use of limited electricity in the kitchen in general? For the next few months, this will be the focus of our energies (yup, punny again … just can’t help it!)