Sunshine on My Shoulders

“Makes me happy…”

Even though the thermometer is on the negative side of things. And the snow is gorgeous even if it isn’t melting! Snow mobile folks are zipping by, taking advantage of the few feet of snow on the path. I enjoy seeing them. To me they seem like they could be adventurers coming from anywhere. The trail actually begins as far away as Vermont and I imagine the intrepid travelers continuing on to trails end days later.

I get saddened by the land-owners who ban the snow mobiles from their property even though the trails have been there for a while. The other day we saw new yellow caution tape keeping riders off of a trail, and worse, spikes on the trail if riders ignored the ribbons. I wonder what prompted such aggressive actions. I’ve seen trail signs that say “respect landowners” and figure that they wouldn’t be printing them if there weren’t a good reason. It’s too bad. Because even though I imagine these riders as travelers from afar, they are mostly just neighbors.

I’m a walker, not a rider so I don’t have the complete perspective, but I’m happy to share my woodlands with people who respect the space and don’t damage it.

I suppose I have seen the better side of snow mobiling and our land has not gotten abused. Our neighbors who organize the local trails mark the trails well now and riders tend to stay on the right path. But now I also see the riders being forced off the trail and they have to ride a good distance on the road because a different neighbor banned them from his property. What used to be a pretty dip down a snow covered hill and over a tree-lined ridge has now become a leg of the journey that requires extra alertness on the part of snow mobilers and automobile drivers. Seems unnecessary. We have so much room to get along.


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