House on the Hill

So much has progressed. And then, not so much. It is livable up there … folks willing to live without running water and a bathroom have enjoyed the tranquility it offers.

We had a very efficient but small sheepherders stove installed and it worked well. But after some thought we decided to upgrade. So we bought a super cook stove and got it installed. It is much easier to load wood and is actually much better for cooking. We hope to use the sheepherders stove in the attached greenhouse. We also have a small propane stove in the house for quick cooking in the summer.

But we lack plumbing. And our electric is working, but is not complete. When it is we will also have a working refrigerator. So (Yay! Yay! Yay!) we have contractors lined up to finish the work. It is possible that we will move up there in June and make our barn house more of a work house.

Lots of trim and cosmetic stuff to be done but that is easy to complete slowly. We have had the beautiful benefit of our kids helping us. Jessica comes with her muscles and goodwill! Will (Good Will) comes with his tool belt and know-how (thank you for shelves and window sills and bathtub and so much more). Marj and Eric come and plant and weed and make staircases and help organize (and so much more). And next time, they come with a grandbaby! Thank you!


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