Another List

Looking back on the last few years, we like to give ourselves some positive perspective by reminding ourselves what we didn’t know a few years ago. On the Nature Bats Last blog, Guy says when he embarked on his project he could barely distinguish between a “screwdriver and a zucchini.”

Ruminant Saki who now lives at Orts farm. Everybody is happier, including Saki and Poki.

While both Ed and I came into this with some gardening skills and a few carpentry skills, we now know we had barely scratched the surface. I won’t even get into the new skill sets we have acquired here or the new tools (the right tool means everything!!). The vocabulary we have gained is telling. In my former life I had no need to know what classified as a brassica  or what juglone is or the difference between a brush-hog, skidder or bucket loader. If you had asked me what an indeterminate tomato was I would have said a tomato that can’t make up its mind. I wouldn’t have ruminated about what a ruminant is … never giving much thought beyond distinguishing carnivores, omnivores and herbivores, much less what kind of herbivore!